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Hive Create Path

Hive has gone through a lot of changes as it's evolved over the last several years. Especially between Hive 1/2 and Hive 3. The default syntax used to 'create' tables hasn't changed, but the resulting table structure may have.

Understand those changes and what hive flags are available to help influence that structure aren't very clear to even the seasoned Hive user.

Hence, the creation of this web application that allows you to experiment with various commands and settings, showing the resulting table structures.

One of the biggest structural changes in Hive tables is really an evolution in the term 'Managed'. Historically, this meant the Hive would manage the data. So if you had a managed table and drop a partition or the table, Hive would clean up the data on the filesystem.

With Hive 3, this changed and a 'managed' table became a lot more. In addition to Hive managing the data, a 'managed' table also took on ACID characteristics. ACID tables in Hive are reserved for very specific use cases and not always the desired default behavior.

Regardless, use the following web application to help you quickly through the trial and error phase of understanding these new structural and session settings.

Hive Create Path

Last modified: 30 April 2024